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Happy Easter, everyone!

As you take this opportunity to celebrate what God has done for us through His Son, Jesus the Messiah, at this holy time of year, I hope and pray that you feel God’s joy and peace in your hearts. May God bless and keep you as you spend some precious time with family and friends in this annual holiday (holi-day or holy-day). Did you realise that is where that now-secular word originally came from? It used to point to something very sacred. As God’s people, let’s remember to keep it sacred, even as the World celebrates easter bunnies and easter eggs.

Next week, we have Steve Müller from Creation Ministries International coming here as our Guest Speaker. I have not heard him speak, but over the years I have heard a few other speakers from Creation Ministries, and they have always been very good at presenting a biblical view of Creation. After that Sunday, we will be launching into the Book of Judges—a fascinating look at a dark period in Israel’s history that doesn’t seem too different to the dark times we live in now.

We have launched a new and improved church webpage that will hopefully be a one-stop-shop for all the church information you are looking for. There is a calendar of events that will be regularly updated (it shows only the irregular events, not the usual weekly events). We also hope to soon put up the sermons from each Sunday on it for people to access.

In addition, we are keen to publish a new edition of our church directory in the next few weeks. If you weren’t in the last edition and would like to be included in this year’s edition, then please see Alison Anderson or Shelley Rodgers ASAP. Shelley is happy to take your photo too for inclusion in it (but photos are always optional).

Dear friends, whatever your plans are for this special season, may you find it restful and experience ‘His rest’ (‘rest for your soul’) as you look to Jesus and walk with Him during this time. God bless.

Pastor Rob

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