Agnes Water Baptist Church (AWBC) located on the Discovery Coast, near the town of 1770, began with God laying upon the hearts of Christian folks to step out in Faith. This timeline demonstrates the fruits of The Lord’s blessing upon this Church and those who love Him. As with most churches, our history stands testimony to the wonderful hymn, Great is Thy Faithfulness. If you are interested in a more thorough history of the Baptist movement in general, you can find that here.

The Mergard family were instrumental in starting the church


*Aug 85; Sunday School starts under the “Marina” House at 1770, with the Mergard’s.
*1986; Sunday School move to the “Tom Jefferies Park”
*1990; First Service was held in Agnes Water State School with 12 Adults.
*1991; Pastor Bruce Wilding travelled from Gin Gin, each fortnight for Church Services (at AW State School).
*26th Sept 1993; A Special Service of Recognition …as a Baptist Fellowship (considered the official beginning,) at the Agnes Water State School.
*1994; Church Services move from the school and begin to be held in the Agnes Water Community Centre.
*October 1995; The Bicentennial Road block of land, was purchased for the Church. At the same time, a Building was obtained from Deagon Baptist which was formerly the Deagon Baptist Mission’s Youth Hall. This was temporarily placed at Captain Creek.
*8th June 1996; after relocation from Captain Creek, the Youth Hall, now dedicated as a Worship Centre, began Services at the Official-Opening, as the “Agnes Water/1770 Baptist Fellowship.”
*1996; Pastor Norm Mergard served a short, but important interim ministry.
*1997; A school demountable building was located and converted into the Church Manse.
*April, 1998; Pastor Ian Russell commences Ministry.


Men’s Shed upon completion

Ye Old AWBC Bus participating in the 1770 Festival

*2002; Concrete Slab foundation was laid, the new Shelter Construction was
completed in December 2002. Its purpose was for Youth and Kids Ministries.
*March, 2003; Op Shop Ministry Commenced at its present site.
*October, 2007; Pastor Ron Holley commences Ministry.
*2009; the constitution of the church was overhauled, giving us the basis for
our current document.
*Jan, 2010; Pastor Adrian Iles commences Ministry.
*Feb, 2010; Constitution Day is celebrated where formal “Church” status is recognized, now no longer a “Fellowship” but a “Constituted” Church, under the Name; “Agnes Water/1770 Community Baptist Church.”
*2013; Official opening of the “Men’s Shed”.
*Jun 2016; Pastor Dennis Prince served a short, but important interim ministry.
*Jan, 2017; Pastor Daniel Bassett commences Ministry.
*May, 2017; Church simplifies its name to”Agnes Water Baptist Church.”
*June, 2017; Josh Hinds commences as the Church’s first Youth Minister
*May 2020; Jac Newell commences her role as Youth and Children’s Minister

Josh Hinds coming out of his shell